1993 Cardz Flintstones NFL Checklist

Originally published at: 1993 Cardz Flintstones NFL Checklist - Hero Habit

A collector’s guide for 1993 Cardz Flintstones NFL trading cards.

I assume that the answer is “the leagues” but why did companies stop making these types of sets? Flintstones/NFL, Muppets/NHL, Looney Tunes/MLB…these crossovers were so cool to me as a kid in the 90s but there’s really not an equivalent anymore. If Fox is airing the World Series and they own the rights to Bob’s Burgers, we should absolutely have a Bob’s Burgers/MLB crossover set! Adults AND kids would track down a card of Bob in their team’s jersey. It’s such a simple idea that very well may never happen again which is a drag.