2023 Topps Now Baseball Checklist

Prior to the Shohei Ohtani card, the Dodgers had a print run of 79,996 cards in this set.

The Ohtani card singlehandedly outsold the full team print run – by a lot – with a print run of 107,541 brining the Dodgers grand total to 187,537!

By our calculation as of right this minute, 2023 Topps Now printed 2,024,274 cards (excluding WBC cards).

Shohei Ohtani accounted for 416,262 of those cards. He alone outsold every single team – including the Angels! Between cards marked as “MLB” and his first Dodger card, he was able to outsell his own entire team by 129,183 cards!

Card OS19, which is just a picture of him and his dog and has nothing to do with baseball, sold 37,585 copies all by itself which was enough to outsell 60% of the teams in the league. I’ll repeat that. One card with a dog outsold the entire team print runs of nearly 2/3 of the entire league. To be fair, it is a cute dog.

And in case you’re keeping track, the revenue generated from Ohtani’s cards is way over $4m and probably exceeds 5!