Another A's Screw Up

Remember when the A’s were going to produce new renderings for everyone to see but they cancelled the unveiling out of respect for a fallen police officer?

And then remember how people “in the know” have totally seen these renderings and they’re “totally awesome” and super legit?

And then remember how John Fisher crawled out of his cave to check for his shadow and received an ovation that could exaggeratingly be called tepid and despite this being the perfect opportunity to present those totally finished and totally real renderings, the presentation utilized old renderings that were supposedly sent to the trash can?

Now the new line is that renderings won’t be available until a spring training game in Las Vegas in March which would be several months after they were originally intended to be presented.

Really makes you wonder if a professional sports team, in an attempt to endear itself to its new home, used the death of a police officer as cover for not having finished their homework. They got their money from the state (a vote that costs them over $100,000 in political contributions) and they got their revenue share from baseball so from here on out, they don’t really need to do anything right – which is good for them since they’ve done nothing right thus far and still managed to get what they wanted.

Why has baseball allowed this to continue? Are they just assuming that the A’s fan base is the only group of people watching this parade of inept losers and keeping notes because I can assure you, the people of Las Vegas are watching and the teachers are watching and ALL of this bad PR is just going to be used against them as the teachers fight to force a public vote on the stadium subsidy.

If I were an odds maker, I’d say that the A’s playing in Las Vegas is still only about 60% likely. Sure, they’re closer than they were a year ago but they’re not any closer there than they were in Oakland, really, and their continued insistence on blundering every opportunity they can has got to be tiring to those who have to deal with these clowns on a day to day basis.