Best Year in Rock History

Today a friend mentioned that Goodbye Yellow Brick Road turned 50 today and I had replied that 1973 was a great year for rock – possibly the greatest year.

I could also make a pretty good case for 1966 being the greatest year in rock as it was truly a turning point for the genre as a whole.

What year do you think is the single greatest year in rock (excluding 1955 which is often regarded as the first year of rock). Make your case below!

Today on the Top 10 channel (which you can join) I posted the top 10 songs from this day in 1973. This list definitely helps my case for 1973 being great.

Just this week alone you’ve got four R&B standards, two classic rock staples, and a couple of huge pop tunes. Go look at other entries I’ve made on that channel and you’ll see a lot of top 10s with songs you’ve never heard of if you weren’t alive at the time. Not this one, though. Stacked with classics!

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