Is the last Beatles song coming out tomorrow?

Today The Beatles posted a cryptic gif of a cassette tape to their social media. Clicking the accompanying link directed people to a mailing list sign up form which revealed a countdown clock that should reach its end sometime tomorrow, October 26.

Most fans are speculating that this marks the release of the new (last) Beatles song that Paul and Ringo have talked about for several months. While I have my reservations about the track, I do hope that’s what this is about. What I’d really like to see is an EP.

1 - Now and Then
2 - Real Love (with cleaned up John vocals)
3 - Free as a Bird (with cleaned up John vocals)
4 - Carnival of Light

If it’s not Now and Then, my only other guess is that it’s an announcement for a Rubber Soul remix but that doesn’t really go with the cassette tape they’re using in their marketing.

Alas, the answer was no. But it is coming out November 2 and we’re getting a remixed version of the Red and Blue albums.