The 2023 A's Season Winds Down

2023 has been a heartbreaking year for Oakland Athletics fans. They matched their horrible 102 loss 2022 season with 13 games still left to play and the focus has largely – and probably rightfully if we’re being honest – been directed more at the team’s front office than any player on the field.

There have been highlights as there are in any season but most of those highlights were generated by a fanbase that has proven time and time again that it is among the best of any sports franchise in the country.

But as sad as the season has been, I fear the off season is going to be worse. Fan favorite players will move on to new clubs, a few hopeful prospects will get moved for a stack of lottery tickets, and 29 other team owners are likely going to approve a move that will devastate generations of A’s fans.

Worst yet, Dave Kaval and John Fisher are going to undoubtedly continue proving how horrible they are at their jobs and the majority of the media will simply allow it. Nothing will be checked. No follow-ups will be asked. In a climate that should be chewing these two buffoons up and spitting them out on a daily basis, they somehow manage to avoid strict scrutiny from anyone but the fans.

It’s going to be bad, folks. And it’s not going to get better quickly or soon. Do I believe there’s still a chance the A’s stay in Oakland? Absolutely. But the road to that outcome is going to be messy and heartbreaking and, ultimately, it still may not pan out the way we want.

We have to remember the good times. We have to stay close to the friends we’ve made through this team. If this team is limping towards its final days in Oakland, we should celebrate the good times. Come on! And we can all take solace in the fact that we could run this team better than Kaval or Fisher ever could.

What are your personal highlights from this season? If next year is the last, will you be going to more games and taking it all in or has the last two years simply beaten you down beyond repair?