Why the Rangers should vote against A's relocation

The Texas Rangers are heading to the 2023 World Series just two seasons removed from a 102 loss year. Let that sink in.

What’d they do in that two year stretch? The improved their roster by making big signings and spending aggressively. How aggressively? They committed over $560M to their future and just two years later, they’re going to the World Series.

And this is why the Rangers owners should vote no on relocating the A’s to Las Vegas and force Fisher to either spend or sell. No team this year knows better what investment into their product can do. In fact, one of their smartest investments was grabbing former A Marcus Semien. In his two seasons with the team he’s appeared in 323 games and brought a 13.1 WAR to the lineup.

What did the A’s do with such a strong talent suitable for building a team around? They offered him a single year contract with $10m worth of payments deferred over the following decade.

The Rangers have had one single season since 1996 with fewer than 2 million fans in attendance despite playing in a town smaller than Oakland and in stadia (they’ve had two in the last 25 years) nowhere near the critical “downtown” that Kaval and Fisher insist is crucial.

What’s all that mean? That the owners of the Texas Rangers should know better than anyone how full of crap Fisher and Kaval are about pretty much everything they’ve said during this process. They should know that Fisher is a cheap welfare owner who’s just bleeding the league for his own gain and that he has no interest or acumen to properly fund this team. They should know that an invested owner could turn the A’s into the Rangers – a regularly high-selling team, even in losing years, with fairly regular appearances in the post season (they haven’t had as many as Oakland has but they’ve been more successful throughout).

The owners of the Texas Rangers should be ashamed at the minor league dumpster fire that is in charge of the Oakland A’s and shouldn’t give them anything they ask for. You don’t give a kid ice cream if he refused to clean his room, didn’t do his homework, and threw the TV into the swimming pool so don’t give Fisher what he says he “needs” because it’s only going to make things worse.

The Rangers should be a strong NO when it comes to moving the A’s.