1964 Topps Beatles Black and White Checklist

I was lucky enough to walk into an estate sale with an entire room of Beatles memorabilia. It was a mix of things from vintage 60s merch to modern day collectibles and most of it was, arguably, over priced. But they had stacks of cards and that’s what I was there for. I saw a box and it said $5 and I said, “per card?” which would have been reasonable but it was for the whole box. So I picked up all they had. For $30 I managed to get a complete set of Series 3, a ton from Series 1 and 2, a bunch of random other cards from 1964, and two complete sets plus extras from the 90s. And the 60s cards are in pristine condition! Got a big chunk of my collection completed that day.

I have all 3 lots all 160 from 64.looks like people are selling them one at time. Fab for trading cars. Just wondering .

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You definitely see a lot of singles for sale but there lots of multiple cards are often up for sale. All of the cards I have were acquired in lots…sometimes very small and sometimes pretty large, like the one I mentioned above.

Great sets, I just wish there were other sets released while the band was together.