The Dynasty That Never Was

Imagine if you can, a team built around this group of players – all of whom are heading to the postseason this year.

Matt Chapman - 4.4 WAR
Dylan Covey - 0.5 WAR
Josh Donaldson - 0.2 WAR
Sonny Gray - 5.4 WAR
Jonah Heim - 2.9 WAR
Jesus Luzardo - 4 WAR
Jorge Mateo - 0.9 WAR
Max Muncy - 2.6 WAR
Sean Murphy - 3.9 WAR
Matt Olson - 7.4 WAR
AJ Puk - 0.6 WAR
Marcus Semien - 7.4 WAR

Obviously, not all of these players could remain on the team since there are several duplicated positions (sorry, Josh, I still don’t want you) but the Chapman/Olson/Semien infield alone had a combined 19.2 WAR!

It’s an embarrassment that the trading and releasing of these players resulted in a 112 loss team with only five players above a 1 WAR.